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   “Raj,” Simon held his hand. “I love you. But if you can’t figure out that you love me, then no. it won’t work.” Simon left him standing there.


    Olivia smiled again. “Simon and I often sleep apart. I also have my own flat over my flower shop, and a separate suite here. My husband, he is gay. Sometimes we sleep together. Sometimes we sleep apart.”


    “Is my wife ok? Olivia, Olivia?” Simon looked from Tom to Lucy to Olivia. Olivia began to mumble. ”


   Simon ran his hand along Olivia’s back and patted her bottom gently. “Honey, you make me want to be a lesbian.”

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Meet the People - simon

I’m Simon Parnell. I live in London with my partner. My partner has a wife. I have a wife.
We attend everything together; parties, charity events and vacations. We always look happy in the society papers. Sometimes things are never what they seem to be. It’s complicated.

On Location

Love is love. I didn’t create Simon & Rajesh to be controversial or sensational.
I write about their relationship because of the love they have for each other. They’re deeply burdened by their own life style restrictions and hide who they are. Simon & Rajesh’s notions about their orientation not only affect each other, but everyone around them. Like so many LGBT people they live in fear and shame until bravery and pride set them free.

Love is love.  


thought of the day

It’s hard for me to be told that I am evil, because I think of myself as someone who is filled with love. Whose only purpose in life is to achieve love and who feels love for so much of nature and the world and for everything else. We certainly don’t need the stigmatisation, the victimisation that leads to the playground bullying when people say: “You’re a disordered, morally evil individual.” That’s not nice, it isn’t nice.

-Stephen Fry


Music is so evocative. This soundtrack is comprised of artists, songs and lyrics that dare to shout in the face of convention. They challenge your usual ideas of normal and entertain with lyrics that are cryptic and subtle or screamingly obvious. Music touches everyone. All teenagers have coming of age angst stories. Who says a love song has to be about a man and woman? Heartbreak is not less valid based on whose heart it is. All you need is love.

I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
Somebody to Love - Queen
Constant Craving - KD Lang
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Dancing Queen - ABBA
A Little Respect - Erasure
Faith - George Michael
Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Black Horse & the Cherry Tree - KT Tunsall
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me - Culture Club
All You Need is Love - The Beatles

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