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Baby's Breath    /beɪbizˌbrɛθ/   delicate and fragile - used as a background for many arrangements.

Branche Olive: Baby's Breath

Baby’s Breath is Donna’s story. Donna is a strong willed, independent woman. She is on a meteoric career path and is very dedicated to her profession.

Her relationships rarely keep up with the demands of her busy hours. Donna rarely keeps up with the demands of her relationships.

That all changes with a few chance encounters and an unplanned pregnancy. Donna’s life is rattled to its core as she is forced to deal with impending motherhood and questionable paternity.

Olivia quickly accepts her as part of the growing family. Yet Donna’s role in the legacy of the Patani fortune has to wait for her Baby’s Breath.



Fleur de Lis

Available Now

/flɜrdlˈiz/ a stylized lily, political, dynastic, artistic and emblematic.

Fleur de Lis is Olivia’s story. We first meet her as an innocent yet earnest young woman. She has a successful small business and a boyfriend with a wandering eye. Life puts in to action a series of challenges that sees Olivia fall in and out of love.

Baby's Breath

Coming Soon

/beɪbizˌbrɛθ/ delicate and fragile - used as a background for many arrangements.


The Banyan

In Progress


The national tree of India, where Buddha gained enlightenment - but the banyan strangles it's host!